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Journal of Clinical Trials
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New herbal dental formulation – An evidence based approach

International Conference on Clinical Trials

July 27-29, 2015 Orlando-FL, USA

Navjot Kaur, Ajay Francis Christopher, Vikas Gupta and Parveen Bansal

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Clin Trials

Abstract :

Oral cavity or mouth is an easily available site for various pathogens and microbes to enter human body. Currently, there is
increase in the numbers of oral health diseases /problems as well as in the awareness about oral health hygiene. This puts
an increased pressure on the development of various allopathic and modern ailments. Nevertheless, the developed formulations
are not only costlier but in addition are poor available and have huge problem of side effects due to chemical based constituency.
Alternatively herbal formulations in form of tooth pastes and mouth washes have been hurriedly pumped in the market just
to gain revenue and en-cash brand name of Ayurveda. Ayurveda being one of the oldest branches of ancient medicine practice
need not to prove its authenticity. While designing these herbal formulations no pharmacological evaluations are done and the
ingredients are selected haphazardly. We attempt to highlight the foremost important herbs for the development of complete
and ideal toothpaste. This novel formulation possess general dentifrice properties like anti-cariogenic, anti-microbial, antiinflammatory,
analgesic, anti- allergic and plaque reducing properties. The utilization of this novel formulation on regular
basis will provide protection against viral diseases, cancer etc and hence enhancing the health quality of an individual. So,
we developed a formulation to maintain a good oral hygiene in a cost effective manner and without any side effects. Through
this study, we intend to provide an insight into the innovative designing of herbal oral therapeutics to scientists, industry and
pharmaceutical professionals.