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Myectomy technique for horizontal squint surgery

Global Ophthalmology and Glaucoma Conference

October 13-15, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Said JamalEddin

Baish General Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Aim: To explain a new surgical technique in squint surgery, and to discuss and compare with old conventional ones. Material & Methods: A retrospective study was done from 2011 until 2015, at Nour Aloyoun Private Hospital, Libya and in Saudi Arabia, at Baish General Hospital, Jazan. Both hospitals approved this study and oral permission was obtained from all the patients who took part in this study. The confidentiality of the patients was preserved for the study. Complete evaluation of the patient medical and psychological history was made, the necessary lab tests were demanded, and CT investigation was performed before and after the surgery to evaluate the adjustment of the muscles. We operated 74 primary strabismus patients (XT-ET and some secondary cases��? re-operated) using this new technique. 40 cases were in Libya and the 34 from Saudi Arabia. All patients were evaluated clinically; imagery and follow-up were conducted for up to two years. Results: Out of the 74 cases, 68 (92%) were successful with high ocular motility after three months. Overcorrection and under correction only appeared in 8% (6) of the cases. No major complications were recorded during and after the surgeries. The results are supported by documents and images. Conclusion: This myectomy technique is a new revolution in our ophthalmic field because it didn��?t interrupt the integrity of the normal ocular motility and it��?s simpler, easier, with high successful rate (92%), require less time, without suturing much and more efficient with less complications.

Biography :

Said JamalEddin is a Consultant Ophthalmologist currently working in Saudi Arabia, the doctor has finished his MD degree from Cairo Medical University and obtained the Syrian Board in Ophthalmology. His clinical experience goes back to nearly 30 years which started in Syria by introducing many technologies, some of them, as the first ophthalmologist who worked on PHACO, and fluorescein in angiography. He also worked as the Head of the Ophthalmology department in Homs County Hospital (Alwatany), and worked in many private and state owned hospitals. After that, he moved to Libya for two years where he started to develop a new surgical technique for the strabismus and the glaucoma fistula. He is an active member in the Syrian Ophthalmology Society, and published a research paper titled, “The first 70 cases of PHACO in Syria and its complications”, and attended many international conferences, some of them in Egypt, Morocco, India, Lebanon and Riyadh.