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Indigenous knowledge and HIV/AIDS prevention and management in local communities in Africa South of the Sahara

International Conference on Translational Medicine

September 17-19, 2012 Holiday Inn San Antonio, Texas, USA

Edmund J. Kayombo

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Abstract :

HIV/AIDS is a complex health problem dilapidating active labourforce, creating upheaval in many families and communities south of the Sahara and leaving large number of orphans. This requires multiple approaches including indigenous knowledge (IK. This paper aim is to show the role of IK on prevention and management of HIV/AIDS in local communities in African countries south of the Sahara. Published articles and gray literature that focused on HIV/AIDS and IK in African countries south of the Sahara were critical reviewed. The findings showed that traditional remedies (TRs) help many HIV/AIDS to cope with illness in rural areas. TRs mainly from herbs and honey as well as psychosocial counselling arrested symptoms of HIV/AIDS like diarrhoea, body wasting anxiety, skin infection to mention few that would lead a HIV patient develop AIDS. The Institute of Traditional Medicine and Tanga AIDS working group have developed some formulation of from these herbal remedies for HIV/ AIDS and HIV/AIDS related cases. Also the findings showed that some traditional healthcare practitioners (THPs) were aware of importance of food to HIV/AIDS patients. Food components like honey, eggs, vegetables, fruits and traditional cereal crops were included in formulation of TRs especially to patients who had no appetite. IK through THPs help many HIV patients to delay development to AIDS and cope with illness/disease in many developing countries. There is a need to explore more about IK with THPs so as to come with potential herbal plants that can improve health well being of people in rural communities.

Biography :

Edmund J. Kayombo is a socio-cultural anthropologist cum educationist; working in the Institute of Traditional Medicine as research fellow. He is PhD in socio-cultural anthropologist cum educationist. He is coordinating traditional health practitioners and the Institute of Traditional Medicine. He has published more than 30 papers; some being chapters of books and others in reputed journals.