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Importance of CRO collaboration in public health research projects

4th International Conference on Clinical Trials

September 11-13, 2017 San Antonio, USA

Monika Bahl

Ministry of Science and Technology, India

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Abstract :

Project management is a formalized and structured method for conducting any research, and enables us to produce specifically defined deliverables, with quality and within time-frame. A well-established management system facilitates the effective methods of communication and decisions making which timely highlight the challenges and pre-empts and prevent the problems. It supports the formation of team and streamlines its activities as per the milestones in each phase. An efficient indication of a project management is the consistency and clarity in reporting and the attention to all the relevant issues at each step to the key stakeholders. Projects in public health are oriented towards pre-defined objectives attached with a whooping cost and a large public interest. This eventually demands a high level of quality standards because of its systematic and goaloriented nature. CDSA is the only public agency in the country created with a mandate to provide cost-effective, high quality, not-for-profit technology-based preclinical and clinical product development as well as support for clinical research conducted by public agencies. CDSA has a unique mandate and vision to create, develop and nurture world-class clinical product development capacity in India. We have been actively supporting research project in Public good space, addressing unmet needs and/ or research for policy and advocacy at national and global level. Aim is to share the good learnings, experiences, benefits and the challenges faced as a GOI funded service agency while fulfilling our mandate and how the industry could be engaged to expand the horizon to collaborate, support and contribute in public good space as Global citizen.