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Excess iodine in the population, reason and preventive measures

2nd International Conference on Translational & Personalized Medicine

August 05-07, 2013 Holiday Inn Chicago-North Shore, IL, USA

Livia Fernandes de Lima

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Abstract :

Previously we noted iodine deficiency in the population demonstrated mainly by endemic goiter since this nutrient is found mainly in marine animals, and the population did not eat it so much. In 1920, in an attempt to combat this deficiency the industry has to add iodine in table salt. Studies show that iodine excreted in the urine has a direct relationship to the amount ingested. Thus, the World Health Organization recommends as an acceptable concentration of this nutrient in urine between 100 and 300μg/L. Levels below 100 μg/L are considered indicative of deficiency and excess above 300 μg/L. Studies currently is showing an excess of iodine in the population. This occurs due to an excessive intake of table salt by the population and consequently they present an excess of iodine intake. Most countries have been decreasing over time the acceptable level of iodine present in table salt and so try to prevent excess of this micronutrient in the population. However, this should be a short-term preventive measure, since ideally a campaign aimed at reducing intake of table salt as this would cause a reduction of intake of iodine and also sodium, which would help in the prevention of hypertension blood.

Biography :

Livia Fernandes de Lima is doing a master's degree currently at the University of S�o Paulo, in the department of internal medicine. At graduation she studied iodine in infants, breast milk and table salt. This work was published and showed great impact on society. In her master thesis there is assessment of levels of iodine, selenium, zinc and iron in patients with heart failure, in which can be deficient by many factors. She has participated in many Conferences of great importance to the area of health.