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Early proof of concept with human viral challenge models in vaccine development

Webinar on 5th International Conference on Vaccines, Immunology and Clinical Trials

March 23-24, 2022 | Webinar

Clayton A Dehn

High Point Clinical Trials, USA

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Abstract :

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly searching for efficiencies for the development of new medicinal products. Viral vaccine development is no exception. The Human Viral Challenge Model (HVCM) is a widely accepted alternative to field studies. The standardized exposure of intentional viral inoculation of volunteers in a controlled clinical environment enriches the prevalence of infection. This also permits the study of the entire disease lifecycle from health to disease and recovery back to health. These methods reduce study population size requirements and the overall trial duration. The cumulative effect of these advantages is a risk and cost containing accelerated route to market for antiviral drugs, diagnostics and vaccines.

Biography :

Clayton Dehn is a clinical research physiologist with particular expertise in Proof-of-Concept testing methods. He is a co-inventor of a process and substance for disturbing the inheritance pattern of ion-channelopathic disorders by selectively disabling genetically undesirable sperm cells. He is also the sole author of the first publication cautioning against the risk of SGLT-inhibition inducing ketoacidosis in insulinopenic populations. Clayton brings over 15 years of knowledge and international experience as a clinical research professional in the drug development industry.