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Development of medical safety data reporting programs and health education centers

Joint Event on Global Pharmacovigilance and Advanced Pharmacy

July 16-17, 2018 Sydney, Australia

Sameh Monir Abdou Desoky

Gizan Public Hospital, KSA

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Abstract :

The reporting of medical safety data (especially medical data related to drug effectiveness and patient safety) and the supplying of the health education and general medical culture are very important issues in any society. And as we all live in one world, so, we should deal with these issues as international issues not only as local issues and there are reasons and problems make that only a few percent of the people around the world who can participate or know about these important issues. The purpose of this research to find the main reasons of these problems, and I used a simple questionnaire to get simple answers contain nominal data to get the static analysis of the data easily, and I developed and designed a new comprehensive international database center and programs for health and medical information and drug safety data reporting that are suitable for everybody in the world with different cultures and languages.

Biography :

Sameh Monir Abdou Desouki working as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Gizan Public Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His research interest are clinical pharmacy, drug safety, hospital pharmacy, clinical studies.