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Journal of Clinical Trials
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Clinical Research in Arabian Peninsula from

2nd International Conference on Clinical Trials and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

August 22-24, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

Jasser Ali S Alzhrani

King Saud Medical City, KSA

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Abstract :

The web site supply an appropriate link to look up any study results, however quantitative analyses��? format cannot be downloaded. Thus the purpose is to directly download study results from this web site and provides a link to retrieve all of the results in a sheet format in order to be analyzed properly and by analyzing them, and then we describe the clinical trial activity in the Arabian Peninsula. An expert validated the outcome classification algorithms that we used in this against classification. We created databases of the study results ready for analysis by identifying the studies by intervention, population, or outcome of interest. However, this study is simply based upon the information that is in Therefore, our conclusion is that expanding the usefulness of the registry by having a database ready for analysis. The benefit from doing this is increases the speed of comparative research.

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