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Bridging the research gap: An overview of training placements for collaboration fellows

International Conference on Clinical Trials

July 27-29, 2015 Orlando-FL, USA

Teresa Melody

ScientificTracks Abstracts-Workshop: J Clin Trials

Abstract :

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) was created in April 2006 under the 2005 UK Government strategy
for health research: Best Research for Best Health. The government’s mission is to improve the health and wealth of the
nation through research and to establish world class facilities to conduct leading edge research. To ensure these goals are met
within the 10 year strategic plan, the NHS must be established as an international recognized centre of research excellence
which attracts and develops the best research professionals to conduct people based research. The academic department of
Anesthesia, Critical care, resuscitation and pain is located within a non-university based teaching hospital, Heart of England
NHS Foundation trust comprising of 3 hospitals within the city of Birmingham, UK, these hospitals serve a local patient
population of approximately 900,000 derived from a wide and diverse ethnic background. The trust actively supports clinical
research across all NHS disease specialties. The department has been awarded the “academic” title by the Royal College of
Anesthetists encouraging trainees participation in developing research skills. In conjunction with the NHS our research team
has created a sound research infrastructure which is committed to developing best health for best research. During the past
10 years the department has developed a training pathway supporting our International colleagues to develop transferable
knowledge of clinical research practices. An individual learning portfolio is developed. Training is provided across all clinical
trial processes including; protocol development, grant funding, patient recruitment to clinical trials, data collection, data
cleansing analysis and publication. My presentation will focus on how the department has developed a robust pathway to
support the training needs of international research collaborators which has bridged the international research gap in turn
aiding the development of international clinical trial development and recruitment.

Biography :

Teresa Melody is the Manager of the Academic Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Pain and Resuscitation at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, UK.
The Academic team consists of research fellows both local and international research nurses and research support staff. There are currently 20 Clinical research
trials which are currently recruiting to time and target across the specialty.