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Best strategies to recruit and enroll elderly blacks into clinical and biomedical research

4th International Conference on Clinical Trials

September 11-13, 2017 San Antonio, USA

Lennox Graham, Julius Ngwa, Oyonumo Ntekim, Oludolapo Ogunlana, Saba Wolday, Steven Johnson, Megan Johnson, Chimene Castor, Thomas V Fungwe and Thomas O Obisesan

Howard University, USA

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Abstract :

Historically, blacks have been disproportionately, underrepresented in clinical trials. In addition to limiting the generalizability of results of these clinical trials to the black√ʬ?¬?s population, the determinants of their participation in clinical research remain poorly understood. Outcomes of suboptimal participation include poor understanding of the predictors and treatment of the disease, increasing health disparities, poor health equity, and suboptimal wellness of the nation. To address this gap in the literature, we analyzed our recruitment data to identify the most effective strategies for enrolling older Blacks in clinical trials. Of the total 3,266 screened, we included 2,830 blacks√ʬ?¬? volunteers for further analysis. Overall more women than men (73.8% vs. 26.2%) participated in our recruitment activities. However, a significantly higher proportion of men than women were engaged through family (3.86% vs. 1.30%, p=0.0004) and referral sources (5.89% vs. 2.59%, p=0.0005). Compared to other recruitment sources, we encountered a higher proportion of volunteers at health fairs (42.95%), and through advertisements (14.97%). In our sample, years of education and age did not appear to influence the likelihood of an encounter, screening and potential participation. These findings indicate that we mostly recruited black men and women from health fairs, and through advertisements tailored to their health needs and interests. Conversely, we mostly recruited blacks men through family referrals and persons known to them, indicating a need for trust in their decision to engage study personnel and or participate in clinical trials.

Biography :

Lennox Graham is an innovative Educator and Practitioner with extensive experience in the design, delivery, evaluation, and enhancement of effective instructional programs and management assessment models. He is a highly articulate and effective communicator with excellent team building and interpersonal skills. His training, inclusive of his Master of Science degree in education and his Doctoral degree in management and organizational leadership, has equipped him for leadership. He has several notable awards which affirm the significance of his experience; and he understands and acts with integrity in all of his pursuits.