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A study to compare efficacy of Metformin-Glimepiride versus Metformin-Teneligliptin in type-2 diabetic patients

13th Global Pharmacovigilance and clinical trials summit

March 28-29, 2019 Osaka, Japan

Md Gayoor Khan

Truba Institute of Pharmacy, India

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Abstract :

Diabetes mellitus relates a metabolic disorder of collective etiology which is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia caused due to disturbances of carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism due to impaired ╬▓ cell function of pancreas or insulin r├ęsistance or both. Biguanides and Sulfonylureas are the most commonly prescribed drugs due to their efficacy and safety. A total of 60 patients were enclosed in the present study who met the inclusion criteria. They were divided into two groups based on their treatment plan-Group A and Group B. The Group B (P=0.001) exhibited a significantly greater reduction in HbA1c as compared to Group A (P=0.002). The reduction sin FPG and PPG were also found to be significantly more in the Group B. In the present study, we observed that patients on Metformin- Teneligliptin exhibited better control over glycemic profile as well as lipid profile when compared to patients who are on Metformin-Glimepiride combination. Since this study was conducted in a smaller number of patients, to make consecutive remarks about the superiority of either of the treatment regimen, furthermore analysis of clinical trials required for appropriate selection of best combination of anti-diabetic medication.

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