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Topology is the mathematical study of shapes and topological spaces. It is an area of mathematics concerned with the properties of space that are preserved under continuous deformations including stretching and bending, but not tearing or gluing. The Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications is one of the top topology journals. In this journal content related to research on algebra and current developments, relationships to other scientific fields is published. It promotes exchange of information around the topic of Lie theory. The journal addresses both theoretical descriptions and practical applications of topology and, thus, reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the fields lie theory, algebra and topology as well as their future development and application. Topology is a field of study in algebra and its application concentrates on the improvement of data handling, theoretical assets, and different parts of topology and research contrasted with a broad and theoretical and practical perspective. As such, the advancement is the development of the capacity to make new research. A depiction in this way allows some novel working theories about the advancement of ordinary topology and how to promote research in this field. The journal recommends a variety of methods for the advancement of science and technology. OMICS International is an amalgamation of Open Access journals and international scientific conferences and symposiums. The sole goal of OMICS is making the information on healthcare, science and technology 'Open Access'. OMICS Group disseminates around 500 freely available scientific journals from all parts of science, engineering, management and technology. OMICS Group organizes around 80 scientific events all over the world annually. The publishing house has played an essential role in taking the newest scientific findings to the doorsteps of specialists. Important stakeholders that benefit essentially from OMICS Groups activities are research scholars, students, libraries, educational institutions, research centers and the business.

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