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Siddha Medicine

The Siddha System of Medicine (Traditional Tamil System of medication), which has been predominant in the antiquated Tamil land, is the chief of all other clinical frameworks on the planet. Its beginning returns to B.C 10,000 to B.C 4,000. According to the literary and archeological confirmations which demonstrate the remote relic of the Dravidian development of the past lowered land Kumarikandam, that is the Lemuria mainland arranged in the Indian sea, the Siddha System of Medicine is contemporaneous with those of the lowered grounds Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Chinese and Grecian medications. Siddha medication, customary arrangement of recuperating that began in South India and is viewed as perhaps the most established arrangement of medication. The Siddha framework depends on a mix of antiquated therapeutic practices and profound teaches just as speculative chemistry and mystery. It is thought to have created during the Indus human advancement, which prospered somewhere in the range of 2500 and 1700 BCE. As indicated by this hypothesis, it came to South India when the Dravidian individuals (speakers of Dravidian dialects), who may have been the first occupants of the Indus valley, relocated southward.

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