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The tourist information and guidance providers include a number of service providers such as those offering insurance, recreational, communication, and banking services; government agencies; tour guides; industry associations; packaging agents; ticketing agents; and holiday sellers.The principle of attraction is to establish the need for the attraction in a particular location to invite more footfall. It may be a huge theme park, a museum, a gallery, a heritage building, an educational center etc. Many countries see the need to have one or more visitor attraction in the area to widen their appeal and attract huge potential tourist.For more than a decade, Phocuswright has sized and assessed the U.S. travel marketplace and the major trends that shape how travelers shop for and purchase travel. Distribution trends across air, lodging, car rental, cruise, packages, and rail are well understood. But the travel industry has lacked essential market data on a central element of the travel landscape: what leisure travelers do “when they get there.” These are essential components of tourism industry that many travel industry insiders forget to consider as part of their overall strategy. To gain a clearer picture of activity provider technology, marketing, and distribution practices, Phocuswright undertook a directional email survey of activity providers

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