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Best Open Access Journals In Bone Marrow Physiology

Bone marrow is the spongy tissue inside some of your bones, such as your hip and thigh bones. It contains stem cells. The stem cells can develop into the red blood cells that carry oxygen through your body, the white blood cells that fight infections, and the platelets that help with blood clotting.With bone marrow disease, there are problems with the stem cells or how they develop:In leukemia, a cancer of the blood, the bone marrow makes abnormal white blood cells.In aplastic anemia, the bone marrow doesn't make red blood cells. In myeloproliferative disorders, the bone marrow makes too many white blood cellsOther diseases, such as lymphoma, can spread into the bone marrow and affect the production of blood cellsCauses of bone marrow diseases include genetics and environmental factors. Tests for bone marrow diseases include blood and bone marrow tests. Treatments depend on the disorder and how severe it is. They might involve medicines, blood transfusions or a bone marrow transplant. This afternoon in Florence, at La Foresteria - Via della Scala 68 - a seminar, lasting two days, coordinated by - Dr. Lawrence Faulkner of the "Cure2Children" Foundation - which will be attended by doctors and nurses from Europe and emerging countries, begins.

The meeting will aim to lay the foundation for a continuing education project both on-line and on-site, addressed at medical staff in order to improve globally, access to bone marrow transplantation. Everything coming from the international experience that "Cure2Children" has matured and developed over the years in the treatment of serious childhood diseases

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