Operations and General Skills of Hotel Management
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Short Communication - (2022)Volume 11, Issue 6

Operations and General Skills of Hotel Management

Uli Kluemper*
*Correspondence: Uli Kluemper, Department of Hotel & Business Management, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi, India, Email:

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An aspect of the hospitality sector called hotel management is controlling a hotel location's operations. As a hotel manager, we can oversee the operations of a motel, resort, or another business that offers lodging and additional services to visitors [1].

The general manager of a hotel, who acts as the property's chief executive, is frequently referred to by the title "hotel manager." The manager's responsibilities are determined by the size of the hotel, its function, and the owners' expectations. Department heads at a hotel provide assistance to the general manager by managing their own staff and reporting on the primary duties.

The front office or front desk, reservations, housekeeping, revenue, sales and marketing, events and catering, finance, food and beverage, security, human resources, and engineering are a few of the most typical departments of a big hotel. Working in any of these facets of the industry is possible for someone pursuing a career in hotel management. Housekeeping, guest services, engineering, food and beverage, accounts, and sales and marketing are possible departments in a smaller hotel [2].

Operations of hotel management

A hotel's daily activities cover a wide range of areas, so we can be looking at several on any one day. Managing room inventory and achieving desired occupancy rates are fundamental aspects of hotel administration, but other duties include making sure that everything is in order for the visitors or setting up personnel and cleaning schedules. When other responsibilities demand that attention, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can help we ensure that the personnel completes duties to the needed standard [3].

The generation and management of demand, as well as maximising returns, are all components of effective inventory management for hotels. A hotel's investment is based on its room inventory, and the only way to maximise earnings is to sell those rooms quickly [4].

• Distribution

• Market segmentation

• Packages, promotions and extras

• Events and tours

• Sell our hotel products

• Referrals and return business

• Accommodate flexible travelers

General hotel management skills

In order to provide visitors with a favourable experience, a hotel manager must guarantee that all parts of the establishment run efficiently. Consider doing the following actions to enhance the talents if we want to excel in this sector [5-6].

Financial management education: The general manager and department heads are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the hotel budget, so this skill is essential. The hotel manager oversees the overall budget, and the heads of each department are frequently in charge of monitoring expenses. We may learn more about the financial side of running a hotel and the money that comes in and out by enrolling in finance and budgeting classes [7-9].

Enhance the leadership abilities: In a major lodging company, managers are responsible for managing teams that can number in the hundreds of individuals. Hotel managers need to be ready to listen to their staff members, act to raise morale, divide work among different teams, and make decisions quickly and decisively. Although seasoned leaders give leadership training seminars and courses, experience is frequently the best teacher when it comes to developing the leadership abilities.

Become more knowledgeable about marketing: Hotel managers are typically very involved in all the different departments to ensure seamless, efficient operation, despite the fact that a hotel may have a specific marketing department.

Creating pleasant interactions for those who connect with a business entails marketing, which involves raising awareness of a company or brand. By enrolling in online courses or through a local higher education centre, we can learn more about marketing a firm [10].


Gaining experience in a hotel, whether that are working at the front desk or in housekeeping, is frequently necessary for careers in hotel management. Because the required experience is frequently highly regarded in the hospitality business, many hotel management professionals advance through the field. Depending on the hotel and the work requirements, some positions might call for candidates to have a bachelor's degree in hospitality management, business, or a similar discipline. A graduate degree may be necessary if we wish to advance in the hotel management field and work as a regional vice president or director.


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Uli Kluemper*
Department of Hotel & Business Management, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi, India

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