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Medicinal & Aromatic Plants : Citations & Metrics Report

Articles published in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Medicinal & Aromatic Plants has got h-index 25, which means every article in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants has got 25 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

62 26 16 17 28 80

Year wise citations received

914 878 702 529 441 244
Journal total citations count 4327
Journal impact factor 26.36
Journal 5 years impact factor 16.55
Journal cite score 28.93
Journal h-index 25
Journal h-index since 2017 22
Important citations

mohammad khani city l, constant birjandi s, mohammad khani urban, uproar (2013) the effects of aromatherapy to reduce the duration of the first and second stages of labor in nulliparous women. hormozgan medical journal 17: 145-154.

mohammad khani urban l, constant birjand, s., mohammad khani urban, uproar. the effects of aromatherapy to reduce the duration of the first and second stages of labor in nulliparous women. medical journal of hormozgan

efferth t, greten hj (2014) traditional medicine with plants–present and past. med aromat plants 3: e151.

verma a, joshi p, arya a (2013) screening of eight plant extracts for their antimicrobial properties. a int. j. curr. microbiol. app. sci 2: 315-320.

filip k, grynkiewicz g, gruza m, jatczak k, zagrodzki b (2014) comparison of ultraviolet detection and charged aerosol detection methods for liquid-chromatographic determination of protoescigenin. acta poloniae pharmaceutica 71: 933.

ciuman rr (2013) currently applied clinical naturopathy and phytotherapy? keystone for disease prevention and therapy. medicinal & aromatic plants.

scognamiglio m, d’abrosca b, esposito a, fiorentino a (2015) chemical composition and seasonality of aromatic mediterranean plant species by nmr-based metabolomics. journal of analytical methods in chemistry, 2015.

baldauf c, dos santos fam (2014) the effect of management systems and ecosystem types on bark regeneration in himatanthus drasticus (apocynaceae): recommendations for sustainable harvesting. environmental monitoring and assessment 186: 349-359.

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giresha as, anitha mg, dharmappa kk (2015) phytochemical composition, antioxidant and in-vitro anti-inflammatory activity of ethanol extract of ruta graveolens l. leaves nbsp;international journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, 7.

urs na, yariswamy m, joshi v, nataraju a, gowda tv, vishwanath bs (2013) implications of phytochemicals in snakebite management: present status and future prospective. toxin reviews, 33: 60-83.

kala cp (2015) medicinal plants in active trade at haridwar city of uttarakhand state in india. med aromat plants 4: 2167-0412.

kaliyaperumal k (2014) tinjute [labiatae;(otostegia integrifolia)]: a versatile ethiopian ethnomedicinal plant-a systematic review of the scientific evidences. tang,â 4: 8.

jayaraman v karunamoorthi kaliyaperumal kim hyung-min jegajeevanram kaliyaperumal xavier jerome.

karunamoorthi k (2015) research on mosquitocidal properties of plants: a call for enduring collaborative bridge between the scientific laboratories and the society. med aromat plants 4: e165.

karunamoorthi k, beyene b, ambelu a (2015) prevalence, knowledge and self-reported containment practices about bedbugs in the resource-limited setting of ethiopia: a descriptive cross-sectional 7: 1142.

karunamoorthi k (2012) global malaria burden: socialomics implications. j socialomics 1: e108.

karunamoorthi k (2014) tinjute [labiatae;(otostegia integrifolia)]. tang 1-6.

karunamoorthi k, girmay a, hayleeyesus sf (2014) mosquito repellent activity of essential oil of ethiopian ethnomedicinal plant against afro-tropical malarial vector anopheles arabiensis. journal of king saud university-science 26: 305-310.

karunamoorthi k, hailu t (2014) insect repellent plants traditional usage practices in the ethiopian malaria epidemic-prone setting: an ethnobotanical survey. journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine 10: 22.

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