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Medicinal & Aromatic Plants : Citations & Metrics Report

Articles published in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Medicinal & Aromatic Plants has got h-index 25, which means every article in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants has got 25 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

62 26 16 17 28 80

Year wise citations received

914 878 702 529 441 244
Journal total citations count 4327
Journal impact factor 26.36
Journal 5 years impact factor 16.55
Journal cite score 28.93
Journal h-index 25
Journal h-index since 2017 22
Important citations

perera hk, handuwalage cs (2015) analysis of glycation induced protein cross-linking inhibitory effects of some antidiabetic plants and spices. bmc complementary and alternative medicine 15: 175.

perera hki, handuwalage cs (2014) detection of protein glycation inhibitory potential of nine antidiabetic plants using a novel method.â asian journal of medical sciences 6: 1-6.

vunnava a, motlakunta hb (2014) anthelminthic and antibacterial activity of various indians medicinal plants. med aromat plants 3: 164.

mamdouh d, marghany ha, ewais ea assessment of somaclonal variation of calli and regenerated plants of three cucumber (cucumis sativus l.) cultivars using molecular markers.

upadhyay r, kashyap sp, tiwari kn, singh k, singh m micropropagation of phyllanthus fraternus webster (euphorbiaceae) from field-derived shoot tip explant and assessment of its genetic fidelity. brazilian journal of botany 1-9.

rustgi s, von wettstein d (2015) breeding barley ornamented with the novel agronomical attributes. med aromat plants 4: e158. 

rustgi s, matanguihan j, mejj­as jh, gemini r, brew-appiah ra, wen n, von wettstein d (2014) assessment of genetic diversity among barley cultivars and breeding lines adapted to the us pacific northwest, and its implications in breeding barley for imidazolinone-resistance. j plos one,â 9: e100998.

sahib hb, al-zubaidy aa, hussein za (2015) the anti-angiogenic activity of phoenix dactylifera seeds extarcts. a international journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

rahul j research and reviews: journal of pharmaceutics and nanotechnology.

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asthana ms (2014) acircnbsp;fabrication and characterization of phytochemicals incorporated ecm-polymer functional films for chronic wound healingâ (doctoral dissertation, national institute of technology rourkela).

ccana-ccapatinta gv, von poser gl (2015) phytochemistry letters.

rojas j, buitrago a (2015) essential oils and their products as antimicrobial agents: progress and prospects. therapeutic medicinal plants: from lab to the market 253.

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khan sm, ahmad h (2014) role of indigenous arqiyat distillery in conservation of rosa species.â international journal of phytomedicine,â 6: 162-164.

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towler mj, weathers pj (2015) variations in key artemisinic and other metabolites throughout plant development in artemisia annua l. for potential therapeutic use.â industrial crops and products, â 67: 185-191.

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