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Articles published in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Medicinal & Aromatic Plants has got h-index 25, which means every article in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants has got 25 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

62 26 16 17 28 80

Year wise citations received

914 878 702 529 441 244
Journal total citations count 4327
Journal impact factor 26.36
Journal 5 years impact factor 16.55
Journal cite score 28.93
Journal h-index 25
Journal h-index since 2017 22
Important citations

weathers pj, towler m, hassanali a, lutgen p, engeu po (2014) dried-leaf artemisia annua: a practical malaria therapeutic for developing countries?.â world j pharmacol,â 3: 39-55.

hassanali a, engeu po, lutgen p, towler m, weathers pj (2014) dried-leaf artemisia annua: a practical malaria therapeutic for developing countries?

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mouton j, kooy f (2014) identification of cis-and trans-melilotoside within an artemisia annua tea infusion. â european journal of medicinal plants,â 4: 52-63.

akkawi m, jaber s, abu-remeleh q, ogwang pe, lutgen p (2014) investigations of artemisia annua and artemisia sieberi water extracts inhibitory effects on î²â€“hematin formation.â medicin arom plants, â 3: 2167-0412.

weathers pj, elfawal ma, towler mj, acquaah-mensah gk, rich sm (2014) pharmacokinetics of artemisinin delivered by oral consumption of artemisia annua dried leaves in healthy vs. plasmodium chabaudi-infected mice.â journal of ethnopharmacology, â 153: 732-736.

weathers p, reed k, hassanali a, lutgen p, engeu po (2014) whole plant approaches to therapeutic use of artemisia annua l.(asteraceae). inâ artemisia annua-pharmacology and biotechnologyâ (pp. 51-74). springer berlin heidelberg.

weathers pj, jordan nj, lasin p, towler mj (2014) simulated digestion of dried leaves of artemisia annua consumed as a treatment (pact) for malaria.â journal of ethnopharmacology,â 151: 858-863.

coimbra mc, castro ahf (2014) distribution and structural aspects of extrafloral nectaries in leaves of pyrostegia venusta (bignoniaceae).â acta scientiarum. biological sciences, â 36: 321-326.

mostafa nm, eldahshan oa, singab anb (2015) chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of flower essential oil of jacaranda acutifolia juss. against food-borne pathogens.â european journal of medicinal plants,â 6: 62.

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ewam upcvv (2014) evidence based antibacterial potentials of medicinal plants and herbs countering bacterial pathogens especially in the era of emerging drug resistance: an integrated update.â int. j. pharmacol,â 10: 1-43.

lopez-villalobos a, yeung ec, thorpe ta (2014) theoretical basis of plant cell and tissue culture for production of biomass and bioactive compounds. inâ production of biomass and bioactive compounds using bioreactor technologyâ (pp. 537-562). springer netherlands.

direct ivcpt, organogenesis, s. international journal of pharmaceutical research and bio-science.

aicha nordine, abdelmalek, e. m. (2014). rapid in vitro regeneration and clonal multiplication of thymus bleicherianus pomel, a rare and threatened medicinal and aromatic plant in morocco.â med aromat plants, 3: 1-5.

ã–zkan ee, demirci b, ga,  ae ka, mat a, bayer khc (2013) essential oil composition of five endemic hypericum species from turkey. a med aromat plants,â 2.

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szoå yga b, gniaka r, szczepanik m, szumny a (2014) chemical composition and insecticidal activity of thuja occidentalis and tanacetum vulgare essential oils against larvae of the lesser mealworm, alphitobius diaperinus.â entomologia experimentalis et applicata,â 151: 1-10.

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