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Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research
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Journal total citations count 795
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Journal cite score 5.59
Journal h-index 14
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Important citations

Life table evaluation of spodoptera litura (fabricius) on bidi tobacco, nicotiana tabacum

Temperature impacts the development and survival of common cutworm (spodoptera litura): simulation and visualization of potential population growth in india under warmer temperatures through life cycle modelling and spatial mapping

Interim diets for specialist predators of hemlock woolly adelgids

Recent advances in the role of organic acids in poultry nutrition

The use of dietary antifungal agent terbinafine in artificial diet and its effects on some biological and biochemical parameters of the model organism galleria mellonella (lepidoptera: pyralidae)

Chromosome numbers in insects of argentina. i. cytogenetic characterization of 15 species with economic importance

özyurt n, amutkan d, polat i, kocamaz t, candan s, et al. (2016) structural and ultrastructural features of the malpighian tubules of dolycoris baccarum (linnaeus 1758),(heteroptera: pentatomidae). microscopy research and technique.

Khan i, agashe d, rolff j (2017) early-life inflammation, immune response and ageing. in: proc r soc b 284: 20170125

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amutkan d, suludere z, candan s (2015) ultrastructure of digestive canal of graphosoma lineatum (linnaeus, 1758)(heteroptera: pentatomidae). ‎j ent res soc 17: 75.

Diversity of aquatic and riparian coleoptera of the philippines: checklist, state of knowledge, priorities for future research and conservation

Invertebrates in groundwater springs and seeps

Advances in insect control and resistance management: an overview

Control of fire blight (erwinia amylovora) on apple trees with trunk-injected plant resistance inducers and antibiotics and assessment of induction of pathogenesis-related protein genes

Delivery, uptake, fate, and transport of engineered nanoparticles in plants: a critical review and data analysis

Efficacy tests on commercial fungicides against ash dieback in vitro and by trunk injection

Seasonal and cross-seasonal timing of fungicide trunk injections in apple trees to optimize management of apple scab

Trunk injection of plant protection products to protect trees from pests and diseases

Improving rnai efficiency for pest control in crop species

Insecticide dose and seasonal timing of trunk injection in apples influence efficacy and residues in nectar and plant parts