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Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research
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Articles published in Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research has got h-index 14, which means every article in Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research has got 14 average citations.

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Journal total citations count 795
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Journal cite score 5.59
Journal h-index 14
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Important citations

Habitats of antlions larvae (neuroptera: myrmeleontidae) in the sudano-guinean and sudano-sahelian zones of cameroon

Laboratory and greenhouse evaluation of melia volkensii extracts for potency against african sweet potato weevil, cylas puncticollis, and fall armyworm, spodoptera frugiperda

A screening of resistance to sweet potato weevil (cylas formicarius fab.) in a collection of sweet potato clones under laboratory conditions

Octopaminergic system orchestrates combat and mating behaviors: a potential regulator of alternative male mating tactics in an armed beetle

Cholesterol uptake targeted growth regulation to control disease transmitting vector populations

Spatial anopheles arabiensis (diptera: culicidae) insecticide resistance patterns across malaria-endemic regions of botswana

Study on prevalence of ixodid ticks of goats and acaricide utilization practices of herd owners in benatsemay district, south omo zone, south-western ethiopia

Differential disrupting effects of prolonged low-dose exposure to dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane on androgen and estrogen production in males

Ultrastructural mechanisms of impaired aldosterone synthesis in rats exposed to ddt during prenatal and postnatal development

Pesticides: formulants, distribution pathways and effects on human health – a review

Epigenetic changes associated with exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides in mammals

A computational insight into endocrine disruption by polychlorinated biphenyls via non-covalent interactions with human nuclear receptors

A systematic review and meta-analysis of the impacts of glyphosate on the reproductive hormones

"xenosteroids in aquaculture with special consideration to lake manzala (northern delta lake, egypt): types, sources and mechanism of action"

Identifying potential thyroid hormone disrupting effects among diphenyl ether structure pesticides and their metabolites in silico

Oxidative stress in nafld: role of nutrients and food contaminants

The edcmet project: metabolic effects of endocrine disruptors

Agrochemicals in freshwater systems and their potential as endocrine disrupting chemicals: a south african context

Sex steroids and autoimmune rheumatic diseases: state of the art

Efficacy of some plant extracts against some stored grain pests