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Important citations

Triatoma vitticeps subcomplex (hemiptera, reduviidae, triatominae): a new grouping of chagas disease vectors from south america

Influence of tillage systems on diversity and abundance of insect and nematode pests of maize in malete, kwara state, nigeria

A new species of rhodnius from brazil (hemiptera, reduviidae, triatominae)

An integrated pest management approach of amaranth insect pests in buuri district, meru county, kenya robert nesta kagali

Expression of resistance in amaranthus spp. (caryophyllales: amaranthaceae): effects of selected accessions on the behaviour and biology of the amaranth leaf-webber, spoladea recurvalis (lepidoptera: crambidae)

Seasonal occurrence of amaranth lepidopteran defoliators and effect of attractants and amaranth lines in their management

Insect pest occurrence on cultivated amaranthus spp in benin city, edo state, nigeria

Effect of variety and nutrient on insect pest infestation of amaranthus spp

Performance of apanteles hemara (hymenoptera: braconidae) on two amaranth leaf-webbers: spoladea recurvalis and udea ferrugalis (lepidoptera: crambidae)

Effects of entomopathogenic fungi and bacillus thuringiensis-based biopesticides on spoladea recurvalis (lepidoptera: crambidae)

Important arthropod pests on leafy amaranth (amaranthus viridis, a. tricolor and a. blitum) and broad-leafed african nightshade (solanum scabrum) with a special focus on host-plant ranges

Ubicación taxonómica, ciclo biológico y efecto de diazepam y benzoilmetilecgonina en sarcophaga sp. (meigen, 1826). arequipa 2017

On Üç y?l sonra domuz le?inin (sus scrofa domestica) dekompozisyon bölgesinden toplanan toprak Örneklerindeki entomolojik kal?nt?lar?n de?erlendirilmesi

Effect of variation barbiturate (sodium phenobarbitone) lethal dose on calliphoridae larvae length to rat (rattus norvegicus) carcasses wistar strain

Identifikasi larva lalat dalam kepentingan post mortem interval pada bangkai tikus (rattus novergicus) yang diberi ciu oplosan di science techno park universitas muhammadiyah purwokerto

Effects of tramadol on chrysomya albiceps larvae and its concentration in postmortem tissues and larvae

Standardization of a culture medium for megaselia scalaris (diptera: phoridae) for entomotoxicological studies

Composition and life cycles of necrophagous flies infesting wrapped and unwrapped rabbit carcasses in johor for forensic applications

Assessment of entomological remains from soil samples collected from a pig (sus scrofa domestica) carcass decomposition site after 13 years

An entomotoxicological study on the influence of house hold toxins on the colonization of carrion by sarcophaga haemorrhoidalis