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Important citations

Pupal-adult parasitism of the coconut hispine beetle by the koinobiont pupal parasitoid tetrastichus brontispae

Development and sex ratio of the parasitoid chrysocharis pentheus (hymenoptera: eulophidae) on the leaf miner liriomyza trifolii (diptera: agromyzidae).

Philornis downsi interactions with its host in the introduced range and its parasitoids in its native range

Tabanids in south america

Revealing two centuries of confusion: new insights on nomenclature and systematic position of argyrogena fasciolata (shaw, 1802) (auctt.), with description of a new species from india (reptilia: squamata: colubridae)

A sensible breakup of the genus bungarus daudin, 1803 sensu lato and the description of a new species.

Current status and diversity of ophidians (reptilia: squamata: serpents) in bhopal, madhya pradesh, central india

What makes an effective chagas disease vector? factors underlying trypanosoma cruzi-triatomine interactions

Field evaluation of bt cotton hybrids against certain sucking pests and foliar diseases

Leaf reddening in bt hybrid cotton

High numbers of unrelated reproductives in the australian ‘higher’ termite nasutitermes exitiosus (blattodea: termitidae)

Potencial migração de helicoverpa armigera (lepidoptera: noctuidae) para áreas produtoras de cultivos hospedeiros do estado de são paulo.

Alexandre specht, daniel ricardo sosa-gómez, danielly albuquerque medeiros rios, vander célio matos claudino

Potential of the parasitoid tetrastichus howardi (olliff, 1893) (hymenoptera: eulophidae) on the control of helicoverpa armigera (hübner, 1805) (lepidoptera: noctuidae)

Helicoverpa armigera (hübner) (lepidoptera: noctuidae) in brazil: the big outbreak monitored by light traps

Age and density of eggs of helicoverpa armigera influence on trichogramma pretiosum parasitism

Efficacy of rhazya stricta leaf and seed extracts against rhyzopertha dominica and trogoderma granarium

Functioning of a community of lepidopteran maize stemborers and associated parasitoids following the fall armyworm invasion in kenya

Onésime mubenga kankonda, benjamindudu akaibe, george otieno ong’amo& bruno-pierre le ru

Infl uence of prolonged dietary experience during the larval stage on novel odour preferences in adults of noctuid stem borer moths (lepidoptera: noctuidae)