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Angiology: Open Access
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ISSN: 2329-9495

Zhigang Hong

Zhigang Hong

Zhigang Hong
Department of Medicine
University of Chicago, USA


He is Research Associate (Assistance Professor) at University of Chicago; he has published 4 book chapters and over 40 research papers including in Circulation, Circulation Research. His current research focuses on mitochondrial network, mitochondrial function and cardiovascular disease.

Research Interest

1. Mechanisms of oxygen sensing in the pulmonary circulation and ductus arteriosus, Myocardial Infraction.
2. Metabolic change of cardiovascular disease by using electrophysiology, calcium imaging, molecular biology and Seahorse techniques.
3. Relationship between mitochondrial networks, mitochondrial function and ductus arteriosus (or pulmonary artery) oxygen sensing.