Hereditary Genetics: Current Research

Hereditary Genetics: Current Research
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ISSN: 2161-1041


YU Qing-Chun

YU Qing-Chun

YU Qing-Chun
Associate Professor
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


1996     Bachelor Degree from Lan Zhou University
1999  Master Degree from Lan Zhou Institute of Chemical Physics
2003    PhD from Shanghai Jiaotong Univeristy
2006  Lecrurer in School of Materials Science and Engineering , Shanghai Jiaotong University
2007  Postdoctor in Newcastle University, UK
2008 Associate professor in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Research Interest

(1) Physiological and biochemical systems in insects/bacteria vulnerable to photo-activated synthetic drug/pesticide or natural plant defense chemicals, with especial focus on the use of new genomic tools;
(2) Insect growth regulation by applying of molecular biology and biochemistry to identify new proteins in insect as potential drug/pesticide targets for crop protection;
(3) DNA mutation and repairing as well as apoptosis signal pathways in insect/human cell lines vulnerable to new drugs and microbial secondary metabolites;
(4) Proteomic responses and Genetic adaptability of the insect midgut and immune defense system as well as the resistance selection in insects/bacteria to drug challenges.