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Vincent Wai Shing Tse

Vincent Wai Shing Tse

Vincent Wai Shing Tse
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health and Primary Care
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China


Dr. Vincent Wai Shing Tse earned his undergraduate degree at McMaster University, Canada. He then pursued his doctoral degree at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, United Kingdom to study how interpersonal behavior influenced by depressive mood and antidepressants. He is currently working at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has centred his research in examining factors promoting and damaging interpersonal relationship and their consequence. Using different experimental paradigms, he investigates how non-verbal behaviors, rumination of negative interpersonal events and nutritional stimulants contribute to regulation of different kinds of social behaviors: cooperative behavior, ingratiation communication, aggressive behavior, negative communication, which will have impact on one′s on-going interpersonal relationship. His another interests is to examine how interpersonal trust can affect different domain of social life including occupational stress, job satisfaction and social support. In addition, he involved in consultancy works for medical association, banking industry, and university.

Research Interest

Personality: Personality structure, Schzitypical personality, Individualistic Achievement, Self-Directedness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Relationship between Personality & Mental Health, and Biological Substrates of Personality

Social Psychology: Social functioning, Social Cognition, Emotion, Facial Emotion Recognition, Social Behaviors, Relationship between Social Functioning & Mental Health, and Biological Substrates of Social Behavior.

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