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Subbaih Poopathi

Subbaih Poopathi

Subbaih Poopathi
Executive Editor
Deputy Director, Vector Control Research Centre, Indian Council of Medical Research


Dr. Subbiah Poopathi was awarded several honours and endowments for the academic distinction through out the career. A prestigious “Sri. Madana Ramamoorthy Memorial Gold Medal” was awarded for distinction in the subject of Zoology. Several grants and fellowships were received from various agencies including ICMR, DBT and DST etc., other than Young Scientists Award: 2001-2002. ICMR Best Scientist award was received recently from Union home minister of health & family welfare, Government of India. He has been working in the field of biomedical research for more than 20 years and has contributed extensively to the field of biological control of mosquito vectors, resistance and its management. His work on deltamethrin impregnated hessian curtains for protection against mosquitoes was the pioneer work in South India. He has innovated a new technique to study the molecular mode of action of bacterial toxins in mosquito vectors where preceding methods had cumbersome on the process. He has made outstanding contributions in the field of recycling of biological waste materials from the environment for the production of bio-pesticides in mosquito control. Invention on the bird feather based bio-pesticides, a process for attracting and killing the mosquitoes from bacterial filtrates are the other contributions. His contribution in these fields has led to his nomination in the editorial board, reviewers, examiners etc. More than fifty scientific papers in national and international journals and chapters in book were published with the credit of all first authorship in the record. He has got three patents.

Research Interest

Insect-plant Interactions: Nutritional ecology of insects. Histo-pathological changes in mosquitoes by intoxication of bio-larvicides.