Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability

Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability
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ISSN: 0975-0851


Shuguang Huang

Shuguang Huang

Shuguang Huang
Director, Informatics, Precision Therapeutics

Research Interest

Chemosensitivity diagnostics using in vitro assays
Prognostic and predictive biomarker development for cancer clinical outcomes
General laboratory and pre-clinical drug discovery research. Broad experience and strong interest in assaydevelopment
and application of cutting-edge assay technologies e.g. HCS, imaging, RNAi, omics.
Clinical Biomarker development. Research on genetic biomarker and gene-signature predictive of drug
response and patient subpopulation identification through integrated data analysis.
Discovery oncology. Strong interest in understanding targets involved in cell proliferation, angiogenesis,
tumor microenvironment, apoptosis, stem cells and other cancer-related mechanisms.
Bioinformatics. Exploratory analysis using gene expression data, DNA data and protein data to support
early stage studies, such as target identification/validation and cancer type selection.
Translational research. Connecting the dots between pre-clinical and clinical developments especially focus
on biomarkers and PK/PD.
Member of biomarker qualification statistical expert team BQSET across pharmaceutical industry. Key
member of the C-path PSTC muscle working group.