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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
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Sanyi Tang

Sanyi Tang

Sanyi Tang
Professor, College of Mathematics and Information Science
Shaanxi Normal University, China


Dr. Tang is working on modeling and numerical analysis for integrated pest management strategy with aims to address and evaluate how timings of natural enemy releases, resistance, dosages and timings of insecticide applications and instantaneous killing rates of pesticides on both pests and natural enemies, residual effects of pesticides and delayed response to pesticide applications affect on successful pest control.

Research Interest

I am interested in the nonlinear dynamic systems arising in biology, economics, and
life sciences. Of particular research interest is at the interface of Mathematical biology.
I formulate and investigate testable mathematical models which capture key biological
processes and show how they are orchestrated. Model applications include the following
Population biology: Preydator-prey, competitive and cooperative models.
Epidemiology: Disease model with intervention strategy, A/H1N1 and HIV models.
Ecology: Invasive species modelling and evolution of Host-Pathogen interactions.
Biological resources/pest management.
Cellular regulation: Regulatory network, signalling pathway models.