Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology

Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology
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Milosavic Nenad

Milosavic Nenad

Milosavic Nenad
Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry
University of Belgrade, Serbia


Ph.D Enzymology,Department of Biochemistry,Faculty of Chemistry University of Belgrade,Jul 2007
M.A.Biochemistry,Department of Biochemistry,Faculty of Chemistry University of Belgrade,Nov 2005
B.A.Department of Biochemistry,Faculty of Chemistry y,University of Belgrade, 2000
2010-Senior Scientific Assistant,Department of Biochemistry,Faculty of Chemistry,University of Belgrade
2008-2010 Scientific Assistant,Department of Chemistry,Institute of Chemistry,Technology and Metallurgy,Belgrade
2005-2008 Researcher,Department of Chemistry,Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy,Belgrade
2003-2005 Research Assistent, Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry,Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade
2001-2003 Assistant at Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry,Belgrade University
2008- Lecturer on curses for PhD students (Enzyme stabilization, Applying enzymes in nonaqueous systems)
2006-2008 Lab Teaching assistance,University of Belgrade,led undergraduated laboratory section for Experimental Biochemistry.
2003- Senior teaching fellow in Petnica Research Centre for high school students
2001-2003 Lab Teaching assistance, University of Belgrade, led undergraduated Chemistry of Natural Products and Biochemistry laboratory sections.

Research Interest

Production,isolation and characterization of lipases and glucosidases
Chemical modification of isolated enzymes
Medium engeneering and enzyme kinetics in nonaqueous sistems
Enzymatic synthesis of physiologicaly active glucosides and esters