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Marcelo Bento Soares

Marcelo Bento Soares

Marcelo Bento Soares
Professor of Pediatrics, Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University, USA


Dr Marcelo Bento Soares has received his PhD in Columbia, University during the period of 1986. Currently, he/she is working as Senior Associate Dean for Research and Professor and Head of the Department of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology in University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria. His research has included Epigenomics, Pediatric brain tumors, prostate cancer, preventive care, contemplative science

His publication includes 139 peer-reviewed publications, four book chapters, four review articles, two book reviews, and two meeting proceedings publications, in addition to more than 200 meeting abstracts and 150 seminar presentations

Research Interest

The focus of research in my laboratory is the identification of protein networks and signaling pathways that are consistently functionally compromised in pediatric brain tumors, with the ultimate goal of identifying targets for directed therapy. We are pursuing a multidimentional approach to identify alterations that might occur to the genome, the epigenome and the transcriptome (mRNA and microRNA expression) of these tumors. Alterations thus identified are mapped to protein networks using system biology databases (GeneGo and Ingenuity) to reveal affected signaling pathways. All resulting molecular data are integrated with the clinical data in a database platform – Xenobase – that facilitates identification of statistically significant associations to reveal composite molecular markers predictive of clinical behavior