Reproductive System & Sexual Disorders: Current Research

Reproductive System & Sexual Disorders: Current Research
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Luiz Fernando Pina de Carvalho

Luiz Fernando Pina de Carvalho

Luiz Fernando Pina de Carvalho
Professor, Center for Reproductive Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cleveland Clinic


Luiz Carvalho is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician with eight years of clinical practice and research with strong emphasis in an academic career. He joined the Sao Paulo University’s Ob/Gyn Department in 2008. Dr. Carvalho joined the Center for Reproductive Medicine, and the Department of Ob/Gyn, Cleveland Clinic for his doctorate research entitled “Prospective Controlled Trial of Oxidative Cell Injury as a Predictor of Endometriosis Progression” in March 2010. In Aug 2011, he joined as a Research Fellow in Ob/Gyn at the Brigham and Women\\s Hospital, Harvard Medical School with an additional research appointment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has authored 10 PubMed articles, two books as fist authors and more than 15 book chapters. He has presented over 40 papers at both national (Brazil) and international scientific meetings. He is currently a reviewer for Fertility and Sterility, Human Reproduction, The Journal of Reproductive Medicine and others. Dr Carvalho is on the editorial board of the Theriogenology Insight journal and In Vitro Fertilization journal, Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction. His current research interests include studies on: Infertility and endometriosis; eutopic endometrium and IVF; oxidative stress; endometriosis, infertility and female fertility preservation.

Research Interest

Role of eutopic endometrium in vitro fertilization outcome.
Endometriosis and ART outcome.
Endometrosis, Oxidative stress and Infertility.
Novel use of the surgical Robot in female Fertility Preservation.
Robotic as a new surgical minimally invasive approach to treat Endometriosis.