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Luigi Racioppi

Luigi Racioppi

Luigi Racioppi
Associate Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology and Pathology
University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy


Dr. Luigi Racioppi is been working in the field of Immunology for more than 20 years. First at NIH-NIAID, Bethesda, MD, as Visiting Associate in the Lymphocyte Biology Section, under the supervision of RN Germain, than at University of Naples Federico II, as Associate Professor. More recently, he joined as Assistant Professor the Department of Medicine at Duke University Medical Center, Durham NC. He is an author or coauthors of more than 50 publications in the field of immunology. Most of my activity has been aimed at identifying molecular bases of mechanisms regulating activation of cells of the immune system. He was the first to describe ligands of T-cell receptor displaying a partial antagonistic activity, and to characterize immunological defects in the novel form of immunodeficiency disease, the human Nude/SCID phenotype. More recently, his studies have been aimed at identifying molecular pathways regulating activation and differentiation programs of dendritic cells and macrophages.

Research Interest

1.Molecular pathways regulating the inflammatory response
2.Molecular bases of human immunodeficiency