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Journal of Glycomics & Lipidomics
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Lijuan Pang

Lijuan Pang

Lijuan Pang, Ph.D
Research Associate, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
The Scripps Research Institute, USA


Lijuan Pang obtained her PhD in Medicinal Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Beat Ernst in the University of Basel, Switzerland. In Basel, she has established the structure-activity relationship (SAR) for a series of FimH antagonists, optimized their pharmacokinetic (ADME) properties, especially the aqueous solubility and permeability, for oral application. She then joined the lab of Prof. Dr. James C. Paulson in the Scripps Research Institute, to conduct her postdoc research. Currently, she is a research associate in Paulson Lab, and her research is focused on the investigation of antigenic liposome formulations for the induction of B and T cell tolerance, synthesis of diversified oligosaccharide structures, and glycan microarray screening of ligands against target proteins.

Research Interest

Structure-based drug design for lectin targets; Structure-activity relationship study and lead optimization of glycomimics; Oligosaccharide-lipid conjugation; Nanoparticle formulation; Chemical and chemoenzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides; Glycan microarray screening.