Mycobacterial Diseases

Mycobacterial Diseases
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Ikonomopoulos John

Ikonomopoulos John
Faculty of Animal Science and Aquaculture
Agricultural University of Athens, Greece


Assistant Professor Ikonomopoulos J is a Veterinary Doctor (Aristotelian University of Athens) with specialty (MSc Royal Veterinary College University of London; PhD School of Veterinary Medicine Aristotelian University of Athens) currently employed by the Agricultural University of Athens, School of Animal Science and Aquaculture, at the level of Assistant Professor of Animal Health with emphasis on Microbial Diseases.   
His work refers mainly to molecular detection of mycobacterial pathogens and the investigation of the pathogenesis of the diseases they cause to humans and animals. This work has produced 45 publications in peer reviewed journals, 395 hetero-citations, 42 announcements in scientific congresses that were awarded in 7 cases, 1 granted International Patent and 3 European Patent Applications. Assist. Professor Ikonomopoulos has coordinated several international competitive research projects and is serving as an editorial member of The Open Biomarkers Journal and the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immunity.

Research Interest

Microbial detection using Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology, Genetic polymorphisms associated with disease predisposition to infections induced by intracellular bacteria, Pathogenesis of mycobacterial infections, Diagnostic support for brucellosis and leishmaniasis.