Angiology: Open Access

Angiology: Open Access
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Igor Prudovsky

Igor Prudovsky
Center for Molecular Medicine, Maine Medical Center Research Institute


Dr. Igor A. Prudovsky received his PhD degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1979 and his Dr. of Sciences degree - in 1991.  Currently, he is working as Principal Investigator in Maine Medical Center Research Institute. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities as Leading Scientist at Russian Academy of Sciences. He has authored  more than 90 research articles 1 books and several book chapter.

Research Interest

Regulation of Angiogenesis,Angiogram and vasculogenesis, Nonclassical (Golgi-independent) protein secretion,  Cell cycle control, Regulation of inflammation,    Molecular mechanisms of proliferation blockage in differentiated cells, Approaches to leukemia treatment based on inducible differentiation of  leukemic cells.