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Hector Tsang

Hector Tsang

Hector Tsang
Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China


Professor Hector W.H. Tsang is the Associate Head of the Department of Rehabilitation Science and the in-charge of the Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Laboratory at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. As atrained occupational therapist, he has extensive experiences in working with individuals with various psychiatric disabilities. With his research interests focused on mental health, stress management, and the application of complementary and alternative approaches to relieve emotional disturbances such as yoga and Qigong, Prof. Tsang has obtained a number of research grants from various sources which includes the 2 recently obtained major grants, which examine the effects of various alternative and complementary approaches to help teachers relieve workplace stress, from Quality Education Fund of the Hong Kong SAR. While having published over 120 articles in peer-reviewed journals,Prof. Tsang is currently serving as reviewer of a number of prestigious journals.

Research Interest

Neuropsychiatric and Vocational Rehabilitation
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Needs
Mental Illness Stigma
Psychophysiology of Mind-Body Intervention (e.g., health qigong, yoga, & acupressure)
Complementary and Alternative Medication
Relaxation and Stress Management.