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George Youssef

George Youssef

George Youssef
Senior Research Associate, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute


Dr. George Youssef has received his MSc . and MD degrees from Cairo University, Egypt. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship in cardiac imaging (nuclear cardiology; SPECT and PET/CT) at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute - Canada, with special experience in the use of PET in molecular imaging of atherosclerotic plaques and diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis. Later, He completed his fellowship in Cardiac Computed Tomography with Dr. Matthew Budoff at Harbor UCLA where he currently holds the position of a Senior Research Associate at LABiomed. He is American board certified in nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT and actively contributing to research and clinical education of cardiology fellows, radiology residents and clinicians to perform and interpret cardiac CT.

Research Interest

1. Cardiac and vascular imaging
2. Molecular imaging of atherosclerosis
3. Positron Emission Tomography
4. Calcium score and coronary plaques progression
5. Cardiac sarcoidosis
6. Venous insufficiency