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Dorkhy Geeta Devi

Dorkhy Geeta Devi

Dorkhy Geeta Devi, M.B.B.S
Faculty member, Biochemistry
SSR Medical College,


Dorkhy Geeta Devi has completed her M.B.B.S at S.S.R Medical College, Mauritius in year 2010-2015. She followed an 18 months internship at Victoria Hospital, after which she worked as private medical practitioner at Clinic St Jean, Belle Rose. She is also a faculty member,
lecturer, in the Department of Biochemistry at S.S.R Medical College from year 2017.
She has completed her Master of Public Health at the University of Mauritius in 2020. Currently, she is working at the Ministry of Social Security and National Solidarity as Medical Practitioner.
Her interest in Alzheimer’s disease lead her to publish her first article in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Journal in December 2020 and she became an active member, the Vice-president of the Alzheimer’s Association Mauritius.
She has been presenting her work on Alzheimer’s disease at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference virtual platform last year. She is a speaker on ADI (Alzheimer’s disease
International) platform.