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Dahlene Fusco

Dahlene Fusco

Dahlene Fusco
Instructor in Medicine, Infectious Disease, Massachusetts General Hospital


Dr. Dahlene Fusco is an MD PhD with board certification in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Her career has been marked by several patients who died of infectious diseases for which treatment was inadequate or unavailable. Her scientific interest is in understanding the mechanism through which RNA pathogens evade their host. Her clinical interest is in development of more effective antiviral medications for RNA viruses. Dr. Fusco is now studying RNA pathogen-host interactions in the laboratory of Dr. R. Chung, investigating the effect of genetic polymorphisms on innate immune response to HCV. She plans to apply the results of this study toward development of novel antivirals with decreased toxicity compared to standard HCV therapy. Such drugs will have potential for greater usefulness in resource limited settings, compared to standard therapy, and may also be effective against non-HCV viruses.

Research Interest

RNA Virus Related:
Hepatitis C Virus mechanism of immune evasion.
Novel therapies for HCV.
Novel interferon related therapies for non-HCV RNA viruses.

Advanced microscopy techniques.

Improved prevention and diagnosis of disseminated strongyloidiasis.
Improved therapy for disseminated strongyloidiasis.
Improved access to current therapy for disseminated strongyloidiasis.