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Anxo Fernandez Ferreiro

Anxo Fernandez Ferreiro

Anxo Fernandez Ferreiro, PhD
Clinical Pharmacist, Department Pharmacy, Galician Health Service


I have a degree in pharmacy, focusing on clinical and health branch in 2008. Later I got the place 59 of the FIR, can thus continue my clinical training as a hospital clinical pharmacist conducting specialized in Hospital Pharmacy in the Hospital Complex training university of Santiago de Compostela.
During the four years of residence, I have made two parallel masters to
strengthen my training in clinical areas such as nephrology, infections diseases,pediatrics, neurology, and oncology-hematology.
My care activity has focused mainly on optimizing pharmacotherapy regimens,dosage optimizations based on clinical pharmacokinetics in the development of different clinical practice guidelines of hospital as well as participation as subinvestigator in over 15 clinical trials phase II , III and IV .
The clinical-care, I have complemented activity with significant translational
research training from the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Institute of Health Research (IDIS), which has led to important results in translational Pharmacy Service (CHUS). During this period, I have led two research projects as the principal investigator.All research papers have been presented at various conferences (national, European and American). On the other hand, I have published several articles in magazines that have direct implications for professional development of the hospital pharmacy, finding being published major scientific articles that have recently culminated in the presentation of my doctoral thesis.After the residence, I've got a research grant awarded by the Spanish Foundation of Hospital Pharmacy, during which I have had the opportunity to collaborate with the main components of the receiver group. Collaborations that have been increasing to become in the preparation of Rio Hortega (ISC-III) training program, with which I'm really excited develops.Currently I have a contract of mixed guards in Hospital Pharmacy, combining them with various research projects at the Department of ADME (absorption,distribution, metabolism and excretion) of the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy led by Prof. Francisco J Otero Espinar, which dedicated to perform ADME studies of new molecules in collaboration with the USC Biopharma Group led by Prof.Mabel Loza.As hospital clinical pharmacist, I have received a drug-centered approach with great clinical training in many diseases, so I consider myself a health professional and highly versatile easy integration in multidisciplinary teams.My next project is to continue my research training, and be part of a panel of experts in translational clinical research can offer in the near future, the best possible treatment for patients.

Research Interest

-Fungal ocular infections
-Antifungal Drugs development and formulations
-Safety and clinical use antifungal drugs