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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
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ISSN: 2593-9173


Yimame Kidist Teferra

Department of Crop Protection, Holleta Agriculture Research Center, Ethiopian Institution of Agriculture Research, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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    Evaluation of Sowing Date for Delia arambourgi/Barely Shoot Fly Based on Today’s Environmental Influence
    Author(s): Yimame Kidist Teferra*

    Barely shoot fly is a major problem as aspect of insect pest in Ethiopia. This insect best by nature it prefer dry air condition, and its aggressiveness is very high in dry air conditions. The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the barely shoot fly infestation pressure during sowing date variation due to today’s environmental change in Ethiopia; it was done in Holetta Agricultural Research Center. The experimental design was completed by randomized block design within three replications. The varieties during the research used eight food and seven malt barely varieties, these are include, Baleme, Eh1493, Dimtu, Shage, Hb1307, Hb1963, Hb1965, Hb42 and, M-21, Hb1966, Explorer, Holker, Ibon174/03, Traveler, Hb1964 and respectively. The data that were recorded, health plant, damage plant, total tiller, productive tiller and yield. As a result at early set of trial there is .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2593-9173.19.10.264

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