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Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering
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Tuzun Tolga Inan

Department of Pilotage, School of Applied Disciplines, Bahcesehir University, Ismail Pasa Street, Kosuyolu Distinct, Kosuyolu, Kadıkoy, İstanbul, 34718, Turkey

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    Application of High Reliability Organizations (HRO) in Civil Aviation Related With Civil Aviation Business Models as an Overview
    Author(s): Tuzun Tolga Inan*

    Civil aviation industry has been in a significant growth trend. This trend have increased with using of customs area which is prohibited for unauthorized personnel and uncommercial situations named as apron or rat area (runway apron+taxiways as a customs area) since the beginning of 1970’s. Between the years of 1968-1972, 272 aircrafts were hijacked. After customs area started operating in airports, this unsafety event has been decreased rapidly. Moreover, the absence of comprehensive literature on the Turkish civil aviation industry and its relationship to economic growth perceived in Turkey is encouraged for preparing this paper. So the development of civil aviation industry has been in a gradual trend by the way. In this paper, high reliability organizations (HROs) are described in the introduction part. Next, an overall literature is explained about the business models used .. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2168-9792.20.9.222

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