Journal of Tourism & Hospitality

Journal of Tourism & Hospitality
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ISSN: 2167-0269

Tsafoutis Dimitris

Department of Economics, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece

  • Short Communication   
    Fishing Trips in Greece: A Co-creative Experience for Tourists
    Author(s): Tsafoutis Dimitris*

    Tourism and travel experiences often extend well beyond temporary sojourns and the consumption of place. The performance turn in tourism adopts the above by arguing that tourists today want to “roll up their sleeves” and achieve life-long goals, using personal resources such as skills, technological capabilities, culture or knowledge. To meet this goal, tourism and hospitality organizations are increasingly adopting the logic of value co-creation. Fishing trips in Greece give the tourist the opportunity to live a memorable tourist experience transforming him from a passive recipient into an active actor. The aim of this study is to emphasize the element of co-creativity in this innovative form of tourism called fishing tourism... View More»

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