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Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy
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Tadele Lankrew

Department of Nursing, School of Nursing, College of Health Science and Medicine, Wolaita Sodo University, Sodo, Ethiopia

  • Research Article   
    Psychological Impacts of COVID-19 Outbreak in Ethiopia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Author(s): Tadele Lankrew* and Belete Gelaw

    Background: The novel coronavirus disease has led individuals in several medical, psychosocial and economic impacts among the majority of the society such as psychological distress, anxiety, depression, denial, panic, and fear. This pandemic is a disastrous health crisis and becoming a current public health emergency and affects several nations across the world. The widespread of COVID-19 has brought not only the risk of death but also major psychological pressure. The COVID-19 pandemic led individuals to unavoidable psychological distress, anxiety, depression, denial, panic, and fear. The COVID-19 pandemic is a global public health emergency concern, which is severely affected the community and influences the day-to-day life of individuals in Ethiopia. This systematic review used to investigate the pooled estimate on the psychological impact of COVID-19 in .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2161-0487.22.12.433

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