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Solomon I. Ubani

Dr, Department of Nature Sciences, Gaiasce Company and Gss Subsidiary, United Kingdom

  • Short Communication   
    Fungal Mitigation of Sodium Chloride and Chloroform of Rivers and Canals
    Author(s): Solomon I. Ubani*

    The aim was to research the stampering of growth of fungi infestation in small rivers and oceans. A common species of this organism is ectomycorrhizal found on fruit bodies. These were examined using emission microscopy. This was inhabited by fresh water creatures and lifeforms. The objective was to increase deman with sustainable alternatives. The fungi were considered as a parasite to wild life. Microscopy when the follicle diameter was ≥ 1.02 mm using chloroform in relation to sodium chloride. This improved the breeding of sea going creatures. The competitors of these fungi were filamentous fungi which is the byproduct of depletion of organic matter of fungi growth. The sodium produced larvae of values of 1, 5, 10 and the chloroform acted as a reservoir of 2 and 3 growths. The time taken for addition of the treatment was a few days for spore production... View More»
    DOI: 10.35841/2165-8056.22.12.182

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