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Simonetta Passarani

Department of Anaesthesiology, Medical Doctor, ASST Great Metropolitan Niguarda, Milan, Italy

  • Case Report   
    Hemodynamic Changes of Microgravity and Adaptation in Gravity: "Baby Heart Syndrome (BHS)" and Evaluation of New Countermeasures of Microgravity in the Human Body
    Author(s): Simonetta Passarani*

    In microgravity the human body applies many adaptations to different organs and areas of the body, first of all on the cardiovascular system. The major change observed is fluid redistribution to the upper part of the body that induces an increased preload caused by a peripheral venous system emptying. The increased venous return and the redistribution of blood flow activate a complex neuroendocrine mechanism which reduces the blood volume. According to previous data, the heart volume is reduced by 10%-17% and it continues to steadily reduce for the entire period of time spent in space (weeks or months). The resulting reduced muscle mass of the heart has been wrongly compared to atrophy observed in patients chronically bedridden, geriatric or disabled but it seems to have a different pathophysiological substrate. This phenomenon may be explained by the ability to remodel the lef.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2155-6148.21.12.1012

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