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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
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Seema Ashraf

Department of Food Science and Technology, Jinnah University for Women, Nazimabad, Karachi, 74600, Pakistan

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    Development of Functional Ice Cream by the Incorporation of Oat Milk & Beetroot
    Author(s): Aiman Yaseen Butt, Areesha Haq, Syeda Hafsa Aamir, Seema Ashraf and Rashida Ali*

    In the ongoing year, individuals' inclination towards smart dieting and nutritious nourishment has been expanded because of which ventures have begun to get ready nourishment which is low in fat, included sugars, liberated from destructive additives, are sound and supplement thick, for example, utilitarian food sources that gives taste alongside medical advantages. Oats have been associated with the wellbeing guarantee properties to the utilization of β-glucans 6, 7 and are significant wellsprings of β – glucans. In recent days, the interest of Oats in research and business consideration has been become predominantly because of its high healthy benefit. Oats are a rich wellspring of cancer prevention agent, nutrient E (tocopherols), phytic corrosive, phenolic corrosive and avenanthramides. Oat milk is less expensive and a larger number of supplements thick than dai.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2161-1025.23.14.142

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