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Virology & Mycology
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Sarmad Zahoor

MBBS, Postgraduate Resident at Punjab Institute Of Cardiology, Pakistan

  • Research Article   

    Author(s): Sarmad Zahoor*, Sheraz Ansar, Sadia Asif, Ali Raza, Uzma Malik, Samar Firdous and Naeem Aslam

    Background Hepatitis B and C are liver affecting viral infections being transmitted by blood contamination. They are endemic in Pakistan and have put a great burden on its low budget. To cope with it, one must have an idea about disease burden at present and prediction for the future which will help policymakers. Method 66308 healthy blood donors were screened for HBV and HCV using kit method and data was analyzed using SPSS 20. Results obtained were subjected to Least square method of time series to predict HBV and HCV in 2030. Results 715 (1.08%) and 1846 (2.78%) were screened as positive for HBV and HCV from 66,308 respectively. Predicted percentages of HBV and HCV for 2030 were 3.25% and 6.36% respectively. Conclusion The study showed a higher burden of HBV and HCV in the recent past and predicted a much.. View More»

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