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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
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Onwasigwe EN

Department of Ophthalmology College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria

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    The Interdictive Tyranny of Dense Cataract Meets Century-Old Maddox Rod in Potential Vision Testing
    Author(s): Ezekiel N. Ekweremadu*, Umeh RE and Onwasigwe EN

    Cataract surgery is the leading curative surgical intervention globally and a dense cataract impedes adequate preoperative evaluation of structures distal to the opaque lens. An effective potential vision test will have to over-come this ‘road block’. The aim of the present study is to assess the ability of Maddox rod to transcend dense cataract in potential vision testing. One hundred and twenty-three (123) eyes of 107 patients booked for elective small-incision cataract surgery were preoperatively assessed with Maddox rod. Eighty-eight (88) eyes were cataract blind. The responses were categorized into grades 1-4 with grade 1 having the best possible response while grade 4 had the poorest response. The mean postoperative visual acuity outcomes of grade 1-4 eyes were 0.441 ± 0.179, 0.440 ± 0.128, 0.432 ± 0.093 and 0.273 ± 0.159.. View More»

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